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I have recently produced indexes for:


- Edinburgh University Press


- The Kennel Club


- Routledge


- Hachette


- Verso Books


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"I am extremely pleased with the index. This is a complicated text and your approach to navigating this complexity in the index is clean, logical, and sophisticated .....I am especially pleased with your cross-referencing of the concepts and know this will be extremely helpful to readers.   This index will make an important contribution to this book."


"The index is excellent –detailed, well organized, very informative for the reader."


"We think the index looks terrific – very full and thorough. We have nothing to add or amend, and we would like to thank you for all of the work and care that you have put into this."


"The index is really good – thanks for your work on this."


"Many thanks for this. It all looks perfect."

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